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All our products are delivered and installed after complete testing to display sufficient resilience and resistance against various potential sources of threat and damage. Our tests comply with all the established standards of authenticity and transparency as we aim to deliver you with the best possible security products and solutions.

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We subject all our products to exhaustive and extreme testing in order to provide you with security products that are highly reliable, dependable and durable. We work to earn your trust and establish a longer lasting relationship with our clients through the delivery of authentically tested and premium quality security products that provide adequate protection to you and your property.

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We understand the inconvenience that you may face in case of the delivery of faulty and dysfunctional products, and hence, through carrying out certified tests we ensure that we always provide you with products that offer proper functionality and utility and can work in diverse environments, adequately fulfilling their purpose.

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Our core business principles centre on the values of complete customer satisfaction, sincerity and quality deliverance. Hence, we ensure that all our products are tested and certified to properly meet the modern standards and conditions of adequate residential and commercial security.

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We mainly test our products for:

• Fire resistance
• Sound insulation
• Thermal transmittance
• Air permeability
• Opening and closing
• Water tightness
• Bullet resistance
• Resistance to wind


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