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All our products are delivered and installed after complete testing to display sufficient resilience and resistance against various potential sources of threat and damage. Our tests comply with all the established standards of authenticity and transparency as we aim to deliver you with the best possible security products and solutions.

To ensure the delivery of certified, authentic and highly effective security doors, windows and panic rooms, we ensure complete and thorough testing of all our products. All our tests are carried out in compliance with the modern and international standards of authentic, accurate and risk-free testing to deliver reliable and dependable results.

We conduct a variety of tests to assess the functionality and durability of our products, all of which are authenticated and certified by recognised and authoritative bodies. Certified testing is what makes us stand apart from our competition and we pride ourselves on our proper conduct.

Through authenticated and certified testing, we aim at earning your trust and proving our credibility, in order to emerge as a leading force in the industry. Therefore, all our tests are authenticated and certified by renowned laboratories and institutions and are conducted in accordance with the principles of complete transparency and honesty.

We realise the importance of providing you and your family with proper safety and security and in order to provide you and your property with proper and sufficient protection, we conduct all our tests as prescribed and elaborated by authoritative bodies. Consequently, we ensure you of the provision of premium quality security doors, windows and panic rooms.


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