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Home Door Security – How much is too much or too little?

Security doors factorySecurity is a very important aspect today. Everywhere, we hear horror stories about attacks, muggings and house breaks. It is at the back of our mind when we drive to work and also when we are at home or at a vacation at some exotic location. Security of us, our family members and our belongings are at the top of mind and it dictates many of our choices. But the moot question still haunts us; whether we have provided enough security? The reverse is also true; sometimes the security measures are so stifling that we cannot enjoy our lives. Let us look at some of the true indications that dictate the level of security of your home. These will in turn also dictate the home door security required by you.

The Neighbourhood:

Doors manufacturingSome neighbourhoods are safer than others. You can decide on the neighbourhood only at the time of purchase or rent out. Once you have purchased a home or entered into a long time rental contract, there is very little you can do except upgrade the security level of your home. On the other hand, the neighbourhood may be very safe and you can easily install home door security systems to protect you and your family. There may not be a requirement for an elaborate security system. Hence, a study of the neighbourhood is very essential.

The contents:

How valuable are the contents of your home? Can they be easily removed? Are they heavy and difficult to move from one place to another? The answers to these questions also dictate the choice of home door security. No doubt, the inhabitants and their well-being is equally important, but we are talking of times when there is nobody present in the home. Robbers and burglars prefer empty homes as they can finish their job in peace. If the contents are precious and valuable and can be easily removed on account of their compact nature, you would need to invest in higher security levels.

Are the neighbours friendly?

Making of security doorsWe are not just talking about your social network. Some neighbours are quite sociable and can offer the best protection plan against break-ins. Of course, the home has to have basic security elements to protect the privacy as well provide protection. Having a friendly relationship with neighbours helps a lot as they can raise the alarm and also dissuade potential break-ins. This has a drawback as well as some of the neighbours can be quite nosy.

Well Lit streets:

Did you check if the streets and backstreets are well light and does the light illuminate your entrances? You will be surprised to know this, but thieves do not prefer homes which are well illuminated. The chances of discovery increases in such cases.

Home door security does not depend only upon the strength of the door itself or other security features built into it. The security levels can be increased through other measures as well. It is always better to have a mix of both measures so that we can get a good night’s sleep inside as well as outside the home.

Door Types and their importance

security door manufacturer

How many door types can you define or identify? Well, the question must have left you a little flummoxed; I was confused when this question was asked to me by a door salesman. After all, we always thought of a door as a door.

Typically, a door can be differentiated on many parameters; one is their purpose, where they are used, and the material of construction. Understanding this differentiation is important to a layman as the selection of the door depends on this parameter. Let us look at the different types of doors.

Purpose of the door

Are you planning to use the door on a residential or commercial property? Many salespersons assume that you require doors for residential properties. The commercial ones are generally stronger and have many security features like heavy duty construction.

Interior and exterior doors

burglar resistant Double glazed  french doorThe first question that a salesman will ask is, are you planning to use the new door outside the house; typically as a front or back door or a garage door, or in the interior. The outside door has to be of a tough construction as it is needed to ward off unwanted visitors. It should also be good looking – if to be used as a front door so that the appearance of the home is enhanced.

The back door need not be that attractive. The interior doors need not be of very high construction quality as they are basically nuisance warding doors; required to maintain the privacy of the occupants from each others. Garage doors are a different matter altogether as they are more utilitarian and are designed to give easy access to four wheelers. Hence, they will be protecting and covering a bigger space than normal doors.

Construction material

Sometimes, door types are also characterised on the type of construction material used. This will be one factor that needs to be considered along with the purpose. Typically, the door frames in residential properties are made from wood. The doors can be made from wood, wood particles or laminates, metals like iron, steel or aluminium or fibreglass or plastics.

Bespoke front door motorised lockExterior doors need to be strong and generally wood or metal like iron, steel or aluminium. If cost is considered, iron and steel would cost a bomb so people prefer to use grills made from these materials. All have their advantages as well as disadvantages. We have to research and understand our requirements and define our needs as this will have a bearing on the type of door needed.


As we saw, safety considerations define the types of doors to be used. Safety can be further enhanced by using the correct types of locks and bolts. It may appear to be very technical but if you understand the purpose, it is not very difficult to follow. A good strong door is as good as the bolt and the lock used to secure it. The stable may be strong but the horse can still run away if the door is kept open. Again, this also depends upon the purpose of the door.

How to buy the perfect door?

Security entrance door for communal apartments


The most important thing first of all, when buying a new door is to make sure that you got the material right. You will have to select this perfect material for your door from the tons of styles, types and selections from the dealers and other centres. You can select the type of material of your own choice and some materials such as glass panes and other wooden panels requires special constructions and it might take you about a week or two before you can install it. You can also go to a local wood worker or carpenter and make the door of your choice from the scratch. But however these processes are very time consuming.

When purchasing or constructing a door you must know that what gives the aesthetic appearance is the outer covering layer and what gives the stability for the door is the underlying work and hence they can be made from different materials.

security entrance door and two side panels with bullet proof glass


The most common and popular type is the wood work door. They are pretty and have extreme stability and durability. You can make the door from the wood such as oak, walnut, pine or cherry.


Another safe and sound material for constructing a perfect door is steel itself. The steel doors are much stronger and durable than the fibre glass or the wood one and hence they will easily withstand the test of time and weather. All the steel doors however also use wooden parts in their inner cavity for better stability and strength. The steel doors also comes with pre drilled locks and hinges so that the installation becomes very basic and will just involve pulling the old one out of the hinge and hanging a new one.

Double leaf entrance door with magnetic locks for high security


The third type of material used for doors are fibre glass composite material. They are very tough and strong and requires very minimum maintenance. They can be made in wooden texture so that they give the same aesthetic appearance that the wooden doors like oak, walnut and cherry finished doors give.


Aluminium is another material that is used for door construction and they use insulation between the layers of the door which are usually done using a metal film. They are available in all the custom colours and styles and they can also be made in all the way according to the customer’s choice. But this door has its own disadvantage and that is it’s cost. They do not come cheap at all and their price is only second to solid wooden doors.

Double leaf security front door

The door can be purchased in any way, either by the structure alone or along with the frame also, but what really matters is the quality and reliability of the door. Check for the seals from the manufacturer which shows that it can withstand all the weather conditions. Always look for high quality steel and fibre as it contains thermal break which does not conduct the outside heat or cold to the inside and strives maintain the present room temperature.